Bedroom Feng Shui Tips – Create an Amazing Bedroom Atmosphere

The bedroom should be harmoniously arranged to act positive on mood. When you are thinking of bedroom furnishing and decorating, it is best if you can create an atmosphere that predisposes to rest and peaceful sleep. Here are some Feng Shui tips that will help you in this regard.

indexLet us start by room. The shape of the room, which was designed for sleeping, must be square, round or rectangular. Feng Shui is not recommended to be used as bedrooms, premises with lots of corners.However, if the corners of the room are more than the permissible, then focus on decorative items such as flowers, mirrors, pictures and other relevant elements.

Placing such objects in the bedroom can reduce the harmful effect.In addition, choose as a bedroom the most peaceful place in your home.Your bedroom should not be near the front door, kitchen, and hallway. Even better would be if it is completely separated from other rooms, and for this purpose, it is desirable the bedroom to have no a common door with them.

If there is such a door for a quick transition from room to room, it is the best it not to be used and to be hidden with the help of curtains, for example.

indexThe bed, of course, is the most important element in the bedroom. It must be stable, comfortable and to looks good.In order not to disturb the ergonomics, should not place any objects underneath it.The position of the bed should be such that overlooks to the door.

It is not advisable to bed near the window, or it to be placed close to a wall.If the bed is used by two people, it is necessary the mattress to be common.Regardless of what material the bed is made, iron and wood, the choice must be based on its quality and comfort.

Here are some more recommendations:

Use blinds or curtains to make your bedroom more enjoyable. Mirrors should not be placed against the bed. Soft and simple colours are best suited for the bedroom.


Do not put plants in the bedroom, because at night they release carbon dioxide into the air.