Bathroom Decor in 2012 – Appealing and Attractive

Bathroom decor in 2012 is characterized by a gentle, soft colours and earth tones used. In vogue are all natural elements. The interior can get a beautiful look, thanks to materials like glass, wood, metal and stone. indexThe colour schemeshould use relaxing and refreshing tones.

Overall decoration of the bathroom in 2012 is aimed at creating a spa decor. What are the most popular colours for the bathroom?One of the most attractive and trendy colours in 2012, it is the white colour.Priority will be given still and of all pastel colours.Light brown tones are much topical. They are earthly, good-looking and furthermore they are easy to combine with other colours. All this makes them very popular.

indexThe colour of ivory is also ideal for bathroom decoration in 2012.Especially good effect is obtained when combining it with green.If you are a fan of minimalist design, the better.In this case, white is your salvation both walls and ceilings, as well as to furniture in the bathroom.

You can diversify with light shades of pink and light green. All these colours are characterized by flexibility and they would work well in any style bathroom.Of course, bathroom colours of 2012 can be bright.Bold combinations can work well in terms of bathroom decor.

This is why you should not hesitate to use them.Colours like bright red and orange can certainly find their place in your modern interior.Usually designers recommend bright colours as accents in the decoration of the rooms, but you could paint in bright contrasting colours also the bathroom walls, or ceiling.

It is also a good idea you to consider for metallic colours.In terms of materials and textures the options are also different.As mentioned above, wood and glass will work well.

Wooden flooring, wooden wall panels and wooden bathroom cabinets this year again attracted attention.Shower curtains made of cotton will also help to create a modern bathroom decor.


If you are a fan of the most exquisite decors, you can use beautiful glass walls. They are very spectacular and will make your bathroom decor very appealing and attractive.