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Mediterranean Style for Your Living Room Interior

Mediterranean style is a particularly charming style decoration, because it uses soft and attractive colours, natural materials and creates a sense of freedom.Moreover, indexit will not cost you a lot of money if you would like to implement a similar idea for your home decor.

As mentioned above, the colours of the Mediterranean style are those of nature – the colours of the earth and those of heaven and sea. All shades of brown, of course, also and of yellow, red, orange would work well and would make your home very pleasant for you and your guests.

indexWith regard to furnishing, Mediterranean style is characterized by beautiful pieces of furniture, made of wood and iron. The wrought iron furniture, for example, is one of the symbols of this very attractive style. Remember also to add to the decor and accessories in gold, olive green, or blue.

These colours combine perfectly with both wood furniture and those made of iron. These accents could be any type, for example candlesticks, vases, statues, wall decorations and so on. indexThe use of such decorations is necessary for Mediterranean style. Fireplaces are also one of the required elements of the decor.

Even better would be if you pay close attention to their decoration. For example, a stonewall would fit very well.If you do not have that option, then you could use wallpaper that mimic stonewall.Here is something else you should know about Mediterranean style decor – it is very romantic.

The walls should be decorated with tapestries and paintings. Pottery items are also preferred for decoration. Flooring is another important element of the Mediterranean-style decor. Preferred are the natural finishes such as wood and stone. For instance, mosaics, as well as terracotta tiles would work well in this regard. You could also consider unpolished marble as a possible option for flooring.

This material has a special charm and is very suitable for this purpose. The most important thing to achieve in creating your Mediterranean decor is an atmosphere of calm. This is exactly the purpose of natural tones and natural materials – to help creating an anti-stressful environment where people feel relaxed and happy.

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Bedroom Feng Shui Tips – Create an Amazing Bedroom Atmosphere

The bedroom should be harmoniously arranged to act positive on mood. When you are thinking of bedroom furnishing and decorating, it is best if you can create an atmosphere that predisposes to rest and peaceful sleep. Here are some Feng Shui tips that will help you in this regard.

indexLet us start by room. The shape of the room, which was designed for sleeping, must be square, round or rectangular. Feng Shui is not recommended to be used as bedrooms, premises with lots of corners.However, if the corners of the room are more than the permissible, then focus on decorative items such as flowers, mirrors, pictures and other relevant elements.

Placing such objects in the bedroom can reduce the harmful effect.In addition, choose as a bedroom the most peaceful place in your home.Your bedroom should not be near the front door, kitchen, and hallway. Even better would be if it is completely separated from other rooms, and for this purpose, it is desirable the bedroom to have no a common door with them.

If there is such a door for a quick transition from room to room, it is the best it not to be used and to be hidden with the help of curtains, for example.

indexThe bed, of course, is the most important element in the bedroom. It must be stable, comfortable and to looks good.In order not to disturb the ergonomics, should not place any objects underneath it.The position of the bed should be such that overlooks to the door.

It is not advisable to bed near the window, or it to be placed close to a wall.If the bed is used by two people, it is necessary the mattress to be common.Regardless of what material the bed is made, iron and wood, the choice must be based on its quality and comfort.

Here are some more recommendations:

Use blinds or curtains to make your bedroom more enjoyable. Mirrors should not be placed against the bed. Soft and simple colours are best suited for the bedroom.


Do not put plants in the bedroom, because at night they release carbon dioxide into the air.

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Bathroom Decor in 2012 – Appealing and Attractive

Bathroom decor in 2012 is characterized by a gentle, soft colours and earth tones used. In vogue are all natural elements. The interior can get a beautiful look, thanks to materials like glass, wood, metal and stone. indexThe colour schemeshould use relaxing and refreshing tones.

Overall decoration of the bathroom in 2012 is aimed at creating a spa decor. What are the most popular colours for the bathroom?One of the most attractive and trendy colours in 2012, it is the white colour.Priority will be given still and of all pastel colours.Light brown tones are much topical. They are earthly, good-looking and furthermore they are easy to combine with other colours. All this makes them very popular.

indexThe colour of ivory is also ideal for bathroom decoration in 2012.Especially good effect is obtained when combining it with green.If you are a fan of minimalist design, the better.In this case, white is your salvation both walls and ceilings, as well as to furniture in the bathroom.

You can diversify with light shades of pink and light green. All these colours are characterized by flexibility and they would work well in any style bathroom.Of course, bathroom colours of 2012 can be bright.Bold combinations can work well in terms of bathroom decor.

This is why you should not hesitate to use them.Colours like bright red and orange can certainly find their place in your modern interior.Usually designers recommend bright colours as accents in the decoration of the rooms, but you could paint in bright contrasting colours also the bathroom walls, or ceiling.

It is also a good idea you to consider for metallic colours.In terms of materials and textures the options are also different.As mentioned above, wood and glass will work well.

Wooden flooring, wooden wall panels and wooden bathroom cabinets this year again attracted attention.Shower curtains made of cotton will also help to create a modern bathroom decor.


If you are a fan of the most exquisite decors, you can use beautiful glass walls. They are very spectacular and will make your bathroom decor very appealing and attractive.